This section is a running ‘diary’ of sorts…i keep all my posts here so I can take a look back (and of course, you can too) and see all the going’s on’s of one Jason Carter.

Carving ALOT these days…carved this rabbit (below) and within hours of wet sanding him, he was gone. Never been quite so excited to be in the carving studio. Rabbits, bears, sitting or standing, wolves…even going to attempt a MOOSE again. (yes, AGAIN!) And yes, I have left CityTV after 9 years and now there is nothing stopping me from getting to that carving studio at 5 AM…..!! And hilariously, I’m not kidding. When ya love what you do…..SO LUCKY.




THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT: The Elements Explored Through Stone and Canvas. (July 14 through July 24, 2011 @ The Catalyst Theatre) PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING THE YOUTH EMERGENCY SHELTER ( a portion of each ticket/art sale goes to the Youth Emergency Shelter)

I am SUPER excited about this show. For 10 days, Bridget Ryan and I get to take over the Catalyst Theatre and celebrate the YEAR OF THE RABBIT in our own individual forms of expression! Imagine walking into the Catalyst and being surrounded by dozens upon dozens of rabbits (in stone and canvas) and then being taken on a musical journey through cabaret as only Bridget can, exploring the 5 elements of the Year of the Rabbit: Wood, Metal, Earth, Water and Fire. I’ve explored each of the elements through canvas, and a bold bright colour palette for each of the elements. A blue that bounces off the canvas, turf green, warm brown’s…I’m loving these colours. The one that excites me the most…SILVER. For the ‘Metal’ element, of course. Rock and roll rabbits, doing what they do best…

Carving the rabbits, again, has taught me new levels of respect for the stone. Whenever I enter into the studio, I can never predict how it will go. I continually make the mistake of trying to – and within minutes, I’m reminded that it’s the stone making the calls in there, not me.  But I am so pleased with this new series of rabbits…a rabbit for every month.

If you love music, this show is for you. If you love rabbits, this show is for you. If you love truly unique evenings out at the theatre, this show is totally for YOU!  Bridget’s Five Piece band, my canvas and stone…it doesn’t get more ‘rockin’ than that!!


I’ll also be a part of Whyte Avenue Art Walk 2011 this July. It works out that I will be all set up at the Catalyst Theatre (doing above art show/cabaret) and will be opening the doors during the day to let people through! 10 to 5 Saturday and 10 to 5 on Sunday! PLEASE COME BY!


Stop by The Bear Claw Gallery in Edmonton anytime, all the time. Jackie and Hope are awesome.

Hello everybody! So much has happened in the past few months, I’m not sure where to start. First I have never been so busy painting and carving as I have been in the past 4 months. On top of my work always available for viewing at The Bearclaw Gallery on 124 Street here in Edmonton, I’ve got quite a few shows that are on the go this summer…if you’ve got a second, take a look! My first ever children’s book, WHO IS BOO is finally published and this April 2011, the book and a series of paintings were revealed at the Royal Alberta Museum.



It was great!! Got some wonderful press, the Edmonton Examiner wrote a great article on the book and now it’s OFFICIALLY available at RAM’s Gift Store and Greenwoods Bookstore in Edmonton.  21 Paintings from the book are on display at the Royal Alberta Museum in the Orientation Gallery through July 2011. Check it out. For more info on the book, press, pics – that kind of stuff – check out www.whoisboo.com.


THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT: The Elements Explored Through Stone and Canvas. (July 14 through July 24, 2011 @ The Catalyst Theatre) PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING THE YOUTH EMERGENCY SHELTER ( a portion of each ticket/art sale goes to the Youth Emergency Shelter)

KONA: (cree) SNOW

Don’t miss Jason Carter’s latest series KONA; which draws inspiration from and celebrates the coming and going of – SNOW. Acrylic on canvas explores the early frost on the moutain lakes to the winter wonderland that locks us in, to the melting bliss that brings on the spring. Snow is in the inspiration for this vibrant series on canvas. Thru April 19, 2012.

Please visit www.carter-ryan.com for more information/images from this series.


What a year 2011 has been so far and we’re not even a month into it! Full steam ahead now on the children’s book,  WHO IS BOO: The Terrific Tales of One Trickster Rabbit and I’m pretty excited about it. For a couple of reasons. B. Ryan has written over 70 pages of awesome adventures that will introduce the world to our little trickster, Nanabozho, and the challenge for me of course, is to illustrate each page, and I’m totally diggin’ this challenge. At the moment, I’m about 26 paintings in (which will eventually be pages) and loving every second of it. In one part of the story, Nanabozho races over the mountains. I have never attempted to paint landscape. Until this past week. I lamented over colors, design, blend….this was something I’ve always wanted to do and finally just threw myself at it.   I wanted to share the result. My first landscape. I can’t wait to do more. Here’s a preview.


The Mountain. (30″ x 40″) Acrylic on canvas.

I call it ‘The Mountain” simply because I conquered it. Going to be a great year….


Hello Everybody! What a fall. The September show at the Bearclaw Gallery was a great success…thank you to everyone who came out! The ‘Lone Wolf’ series seemed to capture the most attention, and this painting in particular…

I’ve been busy painting since that show opened though. Big shows coming up. First off, Jackie from the Bearclaw Gallery is having her Christmas Show where many of her artists are featured in a show. The show runs November 27 through December 9, 2010.

Also upcoming, many of you may (or may not) be familiar with the WINTERLIGHT Festival coming up in the new year. Last year they asked me to design a billboard for them that would capture winter as well as promote the festival. This year, they have asked for me to design THREE of the billboards! Seeing as it is The Year of the Rabbit starting February 3, 2011 (and by the way, did you know it’s the Year of the Rabbit!!) look for billboards like this around town in the new year….


Other big news: On April 6, 2011, I will open a show at the ROYAL ALBERTA MUSEUM called ‘The Terrific Tales Of One Trickster Rabbit’ that will run through to July 6, 2011. This is extremely exciting on several levels, the first being….it’s a show at the Royal Alberta Museum!! Secondly, it will also be the launch of the much anticipated kids book surrounding Nanabozho, called ‘WHO IS NANABOZHO’ (illustrations by Jason Carter, book by Bridget Ryan).

And then there is the news that I am not yet able to release, but let me tease you with this. It is my largest commission to date and will be viewed perhaps by hundreds of thousands of people over the next few decades. I am bursting at the seams to tell-all, and as soon as I am given the green light – I will share!!

In the meantime, I am continuing to work on paintings and carvings. You’ve seen the rabbits and the bears, be it polar or black bear, and  you’ve seen the moose and the wolves…well, here is the latest animal that I am anamoured with…the COW!!


The name of this particular piece….’MIDNIGHT COW, BOY’. Of course.

Thanks for checking in, I’ll continue to keep you posted and share the latest musings and paintings from Carterhouse!




ABOUT JASON CARTER Jason Carter is one of Edmonton’s most exciting and accomplished young visual artists. At the age of 30, he is the only artist in Alberta to have had a feature showing at Alberta House on Alberta Day at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and as such, was publicly acknowledged by the Honorable Linsday Blackett at an International Press Conference kicking off the event.

Prior to that, Jason has had two solo shows (Sept 2008 & Dec 2009), both of which were sell-outs, and was commissioned by the Winter Light Festival to design a billboard for their promotional campaign in January 2010. His work has been acquired into many private collections; including Mayor Stephen Mandel, Alberta Foundation of the Arts, Alice Major, and Rogers Media.

His work is currently represented by THE BEARCLAW GALLERY here in Edmonton and at NATIVEART GALLERY in Oakville Ontario.  Jason Carter lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta and is member of the Little Red River Cree Nation.